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Over the past 25 years, Barbara McGinity has created hundreds of commissioned house portraits in her signature black and white style. Barbara creates a personal touch for each portrait by capturing the essence of a home through a relaxed style.  Her goal is not to recreate sterile architectural renderings, but rather to infuse the portrait with the character and warmth of your home. 

Barbara’s success in selling ink house portraits began with a neighbor. This dear friend commissioned a work of her own house and a business was born. Although Barbara’s success began in the late 1980’s, her talent and vision have been cultivating since the days when she toddled around her mother’s art studio. Barbara's family is bursting with creativity.  Her mother, her brother and two of her cousins are all professional artists.  

After falling in love with art as a child, Barbara found herself most comfortable with black and white pen drawings. This became her forte
after a class she took as a senior in high school.  Subsequently, Barbara
has expanded her art skills and knowledge through college courses and individual art teachers in her adult years.
Today, Barbara lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and puts pen to paper daily doingwhat she loves.

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