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A unique spirit is defined through the childhood games, the roaring laughter and the quiet moments that happen within your home. This place of refuge and excitement becomes part of you, an extension of your being.

Capturing the memories of a home through paper and ink is Barbara McGinity's specialty.  She has drawn homes that have long since past, for grandparents whose memories are alive within those walls.  She has drawn homes of families moving from the neighborhood and those being welcomed to it; homes that were just purchased and those sadly being left behind. Barbara has drawn homes for moms, dads, grandparents, children, brothers, sisters, husbands,  wives and neighbors - for anyone who seeks to capture the warmth, intimacy and safety of being home. 

Barbara will draw your home from photos, blue prints, or on site.

Ink House Portraits by Barbara McGinity, will put ink to paper and
capture the memories of your home today.

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